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Multi Story Thinking

Mar 31, 2022

Dan is the founder of ‘Mystery’ -an award-winning specialist brand design agency in London and Los Angeles.  Mystery specialises in creating customer-centric brands in the hospitality and food and beverage sectors.

He has also co-ventured, co-founded, and co-partnered a portfolio of consumer lifestyle brands in which he has equity holdings and has a direct influence on through his brand development consulting.

I spoke to Dan in his Santa Monica home via Zoom.

In this episode, we discover

Why brands are like people and how developing brands with personalities helps create emotive connections with customers.

How creating joint ventures can build stronger business relationships.

The importance of writing down a design methodology.

Why working backwards provides a structure to developing a design and making decisions.

And the policy that on every project, you must have fun.


Mystery Design

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Venice V Hotel

How to be a kick-ass Interior Designer

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