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Multi Story Thinking

Mar 18, 2022

Daniel Heath 

Daniel Heath is a British award-winning independent wallpaper, textile, and surface designer renowned for his illustrative and engaging designs. 

Based in the heart of East London, he has long upheld principles of craftsmanship and sustainable design through up-cycling and re-appropriation of authentic heritage materials.

Daniel makes bespoke, hand-printed wallpapers and crafted interior surfaces for individuals and corporate clients that combine drawings and production skills with traditional crafts and modern technologies.

In this episode, we discover

The importance of narrative and storytelling.

The opportunities and challenges of working with salvaged materials.

The perfect circle of inspiration, materials, translation, and outcome. 

And why you shouldn’t ask Dan to draw unicorns and rainbows.

Dan’s website



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Mark Frith ( for composing the music and all your support and advice along the way.

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