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Multi Story Thinking

Mar 25, 2022

Graeme Brooker is an interior designer, writer, lecturer, and current Head of Interior Design at the Royal College of Art in London. He leads a team of academics delivering the MA program and his research focuses on interior design and the reuse of existing buildings and space.

Graeme has published a number of books, many co-authored by long-time collaborator Sally Stone, that chart approaches and helps to define the craft of interior design. 

In this episode we discover

How Graeme began his writing career.

His work to galvanise the interior design education industry by developing the Interior Educators group.

The importance of understanding existing space and adaptive techniques and why strategies rather than concepts are important when designing interior spaces.

The four strands that will make up the new one year format of the MA course at the RCA

And why you should think carefully about when and why you say the word refurbishment.


Graeme at the RCA

Interior Educators

Graeme’s books at Waterstones (other retailers are available)

How to be a kick-ass Interior Designer

Come and join us on the Interior Design BA(Hons) course at the University of Plymouth.

Thanks to

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Kay Hanson ( for her planning support and co-hosting for these and our educational podcasts for the University of Plymouth

Mark Frith ( for composing the music and all your support and advice along the way.

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