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Multi Story Thinking

Mar 4, 2022

James is the Sales and Design Director at Parkside Architectural Tiles, which is part of the market-leading Parkside Strata Group.  He’s based in their Clerkenwell Studio and works with the central London architectural and interior design community to produce sustainable and technical specifications for all construction sectors.

The company has been pioneering a holistic approach to sustainability, is set to become carbon neutral in 2022, and is partnering with the World Land Trust to protect precious natural habits.

In this episode we discover.

The balancing act of aesthetics, technical requirements, and budget.

The importance of building relationships during the design and specification stage of projects.

Why we need to overcome the myths surrounding perceptions of sustainability and cost.

And we contemplate the damage to flooring that can be inflicted by a 3 year old.   



James on LinkedIn


Parkside Architectural  Tiles


World Land trust


How to be a kick-ass Interior Designer

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