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Multi Story Thinking

May 14, 2021

Matt is the commercial manager at IVC Commercial based in the UK.  He forms a vital link between designers and the manufacturer and uses his product knowledge to help designers select and specify products.

IVC has been manufacturing vinyl sheet, luxury vinyl tiles, and carpet tiles from their Belgium factory for over 20 years

I met Matt in late 2019 following a ‘meet the supplier’ session with my third-year students at the University of Plymouth

In this episode, we discover how flooring products emulate real materials and the importance of understanding the economics of product selection

The flexibility and design potential of using patterns and colour.

And how playing around with samples can help develop a final design.


Matt Lewis

Matt lewis


How to be a kick-ass Interior Designer

Come and join us on the Interior Design BA(Hons) course at the University of Plymouth.

Thanks to

Dave Clarke from @iamthehow ( for production support and advice invaluable in the setting up of this Podcast.

Kay Hanson ( for her planning support and co-hosting for these and our educational podcasts for the University of Plymouth

Mark Frith ( for composing the music and all your support and advice along the way.

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