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Multi Story Thinking

Dec 18, 2020

Zachary heads up the Interior Design company Zachary Pullman Design Studio.

Zachary graduated from the Royal College of Art where he studied Interior Design and has created distinctive designs across the hospitality, retail, leisure, and residential sectors.

His innate style and expertise has made the studio a leader in the competitive socialising design sector.

In this episode

We discover the different design approaches to residential and commercial design and how to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z.

Why it is important to like and enjoy the people you are working with. 

The importance of designing to help make a business financially successful.

And why its never too late to do a quick redesign.





How to be a kick-ass Interior Designer

Come and join us on the Interior Design BA(Hons) course at the University of Plymouth.


Thanks to

Dave Clarke from @iamthehow ( for production support and invaluable advice in the setting up of this Podcast.

Kay Hanson ( for her planning support and co-hosting for these and our educational podcasts for the University of Plymouth

Mark Frith ( for composing the music and all your support and advice along the way.

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