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Multi Story Thinking

Jul 30, 2021

Paula Willmore is the Director and Simon Baker is an Associate of Willmore Iles Architects.  Willmore Iles is a RIBA chartered architectural practice specialising in high-quality student accommodation and large residential schemes across the UK

For the last six years, they have supported my Home from Home student accommodation project, a live design project, which I set for the Interior Design students at the University of Plymouth.

I spoke to them in early 2021 via Zoom

In this episode we discover

How tiering of communities create cohesive and manageable social groups and helps students make friends.

The importance of establishing identity.

How working alongside your end users can help reveal the drivers of student choice.

And how creating a communal toothbrushing space can stimulate communication and interaction.



Willmore Iles Architects

Home from home project white paper


How to be a kick-ass Interior Designer

Come and join us on the Interior Design BA(Hons) course at the University of Plymouth.

Thanks to

Dave Clarke from @iamthehow ( for production support and invaluable advice in the setting up of this Podcast.

Kay Hanson ( for her planning support and co-hosting for these and our educational podcasts for the University of Plymouth

Mark Frith ( for composing the music and all your support and advice along the way.

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Thanks for listening.  Bye for now.